Group and Private Piano Lessons for Children, Teens, Adults and Seniors

Lessons are held in North Logan, UT. Please call Chelsea at 801-414-9303 to see if I have openings.

I teach all ages. Well, almost. I currently don’t teach children younger than 4, because hey, your fingers gotta be able to move a certain amount to be able to play those keys!

Progress faster! My students progress faster… because I have had the opportunity to teach hundreds throughout my education and teaching. I have tips and tricks for practicing that help tackle the difficult ins and outs of the piano.

Stay motivated! I have awesome incentives to help your child want to practice piano. I want your child to love piano as much as I do! In my studio, teens and kids who practice and follow directions get “piano pesos” to spend on great prizes.

Adults, I have a couple awesome methods that will help you learn what you wished you had learned as a young child. You can learn piano! Whether you want a fast paced, intense experience or a more relaxed, leisurely experience, I can provide either. I cater lessons to your personal goals. You are hiring me to teach you what you want to know… and that’s exactly what I’ll do. Tell me what you want to learn, and I’ll teach you!

During my graduate education at USU and throughout my career, I have taught hundreds of adult students of many different levels and abilities. So, don’t hesitate. Continue what you wish you had done earlier in life and stop regretting when you quit lessons as a kid.

To set up a consultation with me, call or text Chelsea at 801-414-9303.

You may also email me at vausepiano@gmail.com


Presto Group Classes

A brand new, innovative and research based way of teaching beginners is coming to Vause Piano fall 2018! Presto is a two year musicianship class that teaches proper piano technique, theory, note reading, chords, intervals, ear training, repertoire, and voice in one incredible, fun, active hour class each week! Students in the Presto program practice daily, because they want to. They learn to recognize pitch, hear and see patterns on the staff, read notes from C2-C6 on the staff, and compose their own piece. Find more info by calling Chelsea or clicking the green Presto image below.