Pricing and Methods


Presto Group Lessons (total musicianship)

60 minute weekly lessons……………$110/month ($10 discount when paying on time)


Private Lessons

30 minute lessons………………………$80.00, due at 1st lesson each month

45 minute lessons……………………….$120.00  ($10 discount when paying on time)

60 minute lessons……………………….$160.00  ($10 discount when paying on time)



Piano lessons are held in Logan, Utah.

Time Investment

 Lessons are held once per week, and each student is expected to practice a minimum of five days per week. On average, beginning students practice 30 min. each day, and more advanced students practice 45 min. and longer.


New beginning students are asked to pay a fee to cover the cost of materials. Lesson materials cost about $40 in most cases, and payment of this fee holds your spot until the following month. I pick up the materials and give them to you at the first lesson.

Methods Used

I use the following methods, depending on each student’s learning style and personality:

Presto by Let’s Play Music – Total musicianship in a group setting. In addition to beginning functional keyboard skills, students learn ear and voice training, music history, music theory, as well as proper piano technique. Presto is a unique experience and on the cutting edge of research based music education. It is the best way to start your child’s path to becoming a musician, whether professional or recreational!

Let’s Play Music – I refer students age 4-6 to Let’s Play Music teachers in the Cache Valley area. Let’s Play Music is an excellent way to begin your child’s music journey. 

Music Train Preschool  – In addition to private and group piano, I run a music therapy based preschool for ages 3-5. I feature small classes, kindergarten readiness, field trips, social interaction, and a wonderful first classroom experience that will foster a love a school. And, it’s all done with music as the catalyst for learning.

Piano Adventures by Faber –  A more traditional method with smooth pacing for most beginners. It includes enjoyable, musically rich beginner pieces and includes ear training, composition, improvisation, technique and theory.

Reading Keyboard Music – A nontraditional method that teaches note reading in a logical, pattern-oriented way. Students learn the letter names of the notes after learning to read on the staff. Instead, Place Specific Names® are used which directly relate key location to staff placement. Students learn to read notes on the staff quickly. This method also includes some technical training as well as basic rhythm.

Music for Little Mozarts by Alfred – An excellent method for the young beginner which, in addition to traditional learning, includes wonderful games and activities that enrich the musical development of young children (5-6 years old) or the slower learner. One unique thing about this method is that it includes a story of characters Mozart Mouse and Beethoven Bear, and their development at the piano that engages the child and helps him/her sustain interest in piano lessons.

Alfred’s Premier Piano Course

An enjoyable, musical, comprehensive method. It moves slightly faster than Piano Adventures.

Often, when siblings take lessons, I find it helpful to use different method books, to eliminate competition between siblings of different ages/learning speeds, so that each child feels confident about his or her own learning pace.

Sheet Music Retailers and Other Resources: 

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Chesbro Music Co. *

*Use ID# 453107  when ordering from Sheet Music Plus

Reading Keyboard Music

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Day Murray Music


Where to find other teachers:

One website that has helped a few students find me is Their site is great for connecting students and teachers, and for finding other services as well. Students and customers can post reviews of service providers, which is super helpful when choosing who to do business with.

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