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Chelsea Vause

Hi, I’m Chelsea.

I love the piano, and I love teaching others all about the instrument and the beautiful music it can produce!

I live in Logan, Utah, with my husband and 20 month old daughter. I love to enjoy the outdoors in the summer: camping, hiking, swimming, and relaxing in the sun. I also enjoy sewing, reading, gardening, and “doula-ing.”


Teaching Philosophy

I enjoy providing students with a skill that will last a lifetime, and I approach each lesson with the intent to provide the skills necessary to continue to enjoy piano without a teacher if s/he so chooses. Thus, I place great importance on learning to read music, count/play rhythm, and express functional harmony. Technique and proper body position at the piano is also a top focus of my lessons in order to provide the student with the best tools to express her/himself at the piano and to prevent injury. Practice is expected a minimum of 5 days per week and recommended 6 days per week. This is more important than the time spent throughout the week as daily practice will yield the best results. Education at the piano yields some wonderful side effects: it enhances the ability to learn and problem solve, persevere, and focus for an extended period of time.



I have been teaching piano for eight years. I also worked for three years as a full time music therapist. I feel my experience as a music therapist greatly expands my teaching abilities because it has helped me develop a higher level of empathy and given me an increased ability to read and respond to people. I love teaching both adults and children.  In the past, I have served as the graduate assistant for the keyboard harmony program at USU, where I oversaw the teaching of between 80 and 100 students in any given semester by teaching, developing curriculum and lesson plans, and supervising student instructors.

I have completed graduate work in piano pedagogy and performance at USU. I hold a bachelor’s degree in music therapy, and am a board-certified music therapist (MT-BC).

At Utah State University, I have taken classes with Professor Gary Amano, world renowned pedagogue (a fancy word for piano teacher). I currently study with Dr. Dennis Hirst, a wonderful, well-known successful teacher and scholar. The Utah State University piano program is known worldwide, and students come from all over the globe to study there. The program produces top-notch teachers, which I strive to be!

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I am a member of MTNA, UMTA, UAMT, and AMTA. I am also board certified by the certification board for music therapists.


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